Public Speaking for Beginners

Learn how to write, memorize, and deliver your speech from start to finish, a step by step guide for absolute beginners.

The book is finally out and is ready to serve you better in the comfort of your own library without having to open your PC or Laptop with an internet connection to access it. With this book, you can learn from home or anywhere without worrying about slow internet speed nor the high cost of accessing the internet especially this time of pandemic where everyone is at home doing their work online.

This book will be your offline guide where you can learn the step by step process of writing, memorizing and delivering your speech. You can do it any time or any day, with or without electricity or gadgets and internet access. You can hold it, write on it and highlight the pages or lessons that you want. It is now a physical book unlike before wherein you can only access online.

The main focus of the book

This book is focused to address the three main problems of every beginner in their venture to public speaking namely;

1. How to write a speech?

Learn how to write the different parts of the speech from the introduction to the conclusion. There are four parts of the introduction, the body has three main key points and the conclusion has three elements. In this section, you will learn how to write them all step by step. This part is the foundation of your speech presentation.

2. How to memorize your speech?

There are many ways in memorizing your speech, but in this section, you will learn how to strategically memorize your speech that doesn’t affect your daily chores and work. This is a vital part of the process that cannot be taken for granted.

3. How to deliver your speech?

Speech delivery is the actual performance and how your message is passed to your audience. How you do it will make or break everything that you’ve worked so hard from the writing to memorizing your speech. This is the most crucial part of as this is where you are going to deliver your speech in front of an actual audience whether big or small. How people will react depends on your delivery. If done right, the audience will love your speech and want some more. If done wrong, the audience will be bored and want your speech to end as soon as possible.

Are you ready to take the lesson? Are you ready to make a change?

If so, grab the book now and start writing your own speech that could change your life forever.

How to order?

At the moment, we only cater to the Philippine buyers for the physical book, International sales will soon be available, but don’t worry, we offer an eBook version of the book for the international buyers.

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