How to Begin and End Your Speech?


Whatever manner you choose to deliver your speech, here is how you should begin.

Upon reaching the center stage, do not talk right away.

I say again, do not talk right away.

Stand up straight confidently, step back with your right foot, look at your;

  • Left
  • Right
  • Middle
  • Breathe

Then begin!

This way, the audience will have time to settle down and prepare to listen to what you have to say.

In addition, it prepares you to begin with a powerful start of your speech delivery. If you can catch their attention by this time, you got them!

I call that this method the LRMB METHOD that simply means hook your audience with silence and catch them when they are ready to listen.

All you need to do is look at your Left, look at your Right, look at your Middle, Breathe and begin your speech delivery.

Begin exactly on how you wrote your greetings and introductions and avoid the following expressions below.

  • Hello everyone, my topic is about…
  • Now, let’s begin!

Begin your first word with a loud and powerful voice.


  • Speak loudly, clearly and clearly that the last person at the back of the room could hear you.
  • Deliver your speech from the start to finish, do it exactly the way you practiced and finish it with a bang!
  • Do not rush your delivery even if you feel too nervous. Simply pause, compose yourself and continue.
  • Enjoy your moment on the stage, not many people got this opportunity.
  • Own it and win it!


The way you close your speech is as important as you started it. You have to end it as powerful as the introduction.

  • Avoid the expression “That’s all
  • Simply say “Thank You
  • No more, no less.
  • Just like that!

After saying “Thank you”, do not say anything even if you forgot to say something during your delivery.

It will not matter anyway since you already closed your speech.

The audience had already closed their ears and nothing that you say adds up to the value of your concluded speech.

Save it for the next speech instead.

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