How to Behave On the Stage?

Okay, now that you’ve reached the stage to finally deliver your speech. What do you do next?

The way you project yourself affects the effectiveness of your delivery and how the audience would react, whether they will believe or ignore you and continue with their own personal business in their sit.

Your posture tells everything, be confident and stand like you’re the authority, because, at this time, you are.


You are delivering your speech in a very soft voice with your head slightly down because you are too shy and nervous; the audience feels it and affects their reaction towards your delivery.

They feel uncomfortable and try to ignore you and listen to their favorite songs on their phones. Others may just leave the venue or they will start to cheer you up.


You are delivering your speech in a loud and confident voice with your chin in and good posture because you are ready and excited; the audience feels it and affects their reaction towards your delivery.

They feel great and listen to your speech from the start to finish. Others may even shed tears because they were moved by your message.

Here are some practical guidelines:

1. Look at your audience

  • The audience is real, and they want to see you too.
  • Do not be scared to look at them in the eyes.
  • Do not look anywhere else like the ceiling or their heads, but look at them in the eyes.

These simple gestures show your sincerity and they will love you if you do that.

2. Don’t rush to finish your speech

It is hard to deliver a speech in front of people, especially if it is your first time, but you have to focus and deliver it with confidence.

Do not rush to finish your speech so you could get out of the stage.

The audience will not be happy if you rushed to finish your speech and they will remember you as “the guy who rushed his speech” and not about your message.

They will not remember anything about your speech, but they will remember you the other way. So, do not rush.

Deliver it exactly according to how you practiced and rehearsed.

3. Stand up straight, chin in, chest out

Even if you are very scared, stand up straight, chin in and chest out, project yourself with grace and poise.

This will greatly help you to become confident. Likewise, the audience will see you as confident because of your posture.

Good posture projects confidence. Try it and you will see the difference.

4. Avoid any form of mannerisms at all times.

Focus on your speech and try not to disrupt your audience by doing unnecessary gestures.

In short, make sure to finish your speech gracefully. You have memorized it for many days and even practiced and rehearsed it for several days, so do not disappoint yourself.

Finish your speech with grace until the end and overcome all the distractions that may come along the way. Remember, you are the expert!

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