Common Mannerisms to Avoid

Mannerisms are the gestures you intentionally or unintentionally do while delivering your speech and it is a real distraction that you need to address.

You may not be aware that you are touching your nose or fixing your dress while on the stage and the audience sees you do it and that is not a good signal to them.

Believe it or not, even professionals do it.

How much more for a beginner like you?

Can you guess the most common mannerism that almost everyone is doing while on the stage?

Let me give you the obvious mannerisms that everyone is doing so you can avoid it.

Avoiding these mannerisms could lead to better performance.

Common mannerisms to avoid while on the stage

  • Touching your nose or mouth
  • Fixing your dress even if it’s already fixed
  • Looking at the ceiling or on the floor
  • Fixing your hair
  • Rolling your eyes
  • Rolling the Microphone’s wire (for wired microphone)
  • Moving your feet
  • Too much hand movement
  • Blowing the microphone
  • Tapping the microphone’s head

While on the stage, everything you do is visible, so avoid anything that may disrupt your audience’s attention.

Always remember that you are there to deliver a speech and to convince your listeners to believe in what you are saying or what you are trying to say.

In delivering a speech, less is more!

You do not have to be doing many things as if you are acting or dancing.

Remember, you are not an actor nor a dancer, but a speaker.

You are there to speak up what is in your mind, to say something that may benefit your audience.

If you have too much mannerism, the audience may lose interest and would not listen to you even if you have an important message to tell them.

Your voice does the acting, so make use of it to capture their attention and captivate them with your message.

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