Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

YOU are asking this question because YOU are SCARED of Public Speaking! Am I right?

If you are scared of speaking in front of people, you should learn how to overcome it and how you do it could differ from person to person and it is a very subjective matter.

There is no single solution to it, but there are many different ways to do it.

Do you want to know how?

Hang on my friend; I am here to help you solve your problem! Here are some simple tricks that I do and teach in my students. It works well for me and my students and I hope it works for you too.


1. Put your heart into it

You will never overcome your fear if you do not PUT YOUR HEART into it.

Putting your heart means, giving all that you have to make it work and learn how to love it whether you are comfortable or not.

It may not be easy at first, but as you go on, you will get to love it. Here is how.

  • Ignore all forms of doubts. Say to yourself that you can do it and you can surely do it.
  • Turn any negative feedbacks to your advantage. If your friends say that you cannot do it, just be silent, show your work result, and let it speak for itself. Soon they will be your numbrer1 support group.
  • Keep learning from your mistakes and the mistakes of others. Whenever you make mistakes, just do not give up just yet. Learn from it, and make some necessary improvements. Then try again until you get it.

Remember, successful public speakers also passed the same road you are walking in, so keep on going, do not lose your heart; you will eventually get through it.

2. Preparation is the key

I cannot stress more how preparation plays the biggest role in your speech delivery. If you are ready and you know your material very well. You will have no problem delivering it.

  • All professional public speaker takes the time to prepare their materials for their presentation. They know that they need to give the best that they can to their audience no matter how long they speak.
  • Preparations beat confidence! Even if you are the most confident speaker in town, if you have not prepared for your speech, there is no value in it and you will be bombarded with negative comments and feedback.
  • Give value to your audience by carefully preparing all your materials and the content of your presentation.
  • Prepare, prepare, prepare, and you will easily overcome the fear of public speaking.

3. Proper Attire

You may not believe me, but trust me; proper attire plays a great role in your speech delivery.

Imagine yourself in casual attire while everybody is wearing a suit and tie.

  • The way you dress affects you emotionally and it could be seen in your delivery.

If you are dressed for the right occasion, it can help reduce your stress drastically, but if you are dressed inappropriately, not only that you will feel insecure, but your confidence will be greatly affected and it could cause you to panic or mumble, worst, forget your speech in the middle of your delivery.

  • Dress according to the occasion and you will feel a lot better and all you need to do is deliver your speech without thinking about your appearance on the stage.

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