3 Styles of Speech Delivery

For a first time speaker, this could be very uncomfortable and a lot of pressure. In your mind, you have many doubts and questions and one of the questions is “how do I deliver my speech?”

I know it is a lot of pressure and a lot of questions, but this question is one of the most frequently asked when delivering a speech.

 “How do I deliver my speech?

In most cases, you will encounter this scenario when attempting to deliver your speech.

There are many different styles of speech delivery that is being done on the stage by different speakers. Different personality requires a different way of delivery for maximum effectiveness and result.

When we say style, it is the way you deliver your speech with artistry. It is how you put the art in your spoken word being delivered to the audience.

Here are the three most common styles that are mostly if not overly used by public speakers.

1. Conversational

Conversational style is commonly termed as conversational as it is designed to sound just like a normal conversational voice tone.

Mostly done by TED talk and some Toastmasters speakers.

In addition, online teachers record their videos in a conversational tone for their students.

This style of delivery is best implemented in online courses and tutorials.

2. Poetic

Poetic style of delivery is mostly done by politicians where they speak like they are reciting a poem.

This style of delivery is full of emotion and rhyming words and sentences to captivate the audience’s attention in a way that they can relate.

The speaker can use this style to impress the audience with his oratorical skills and sweet rhyming words.

This style of delivery is best implemented in debates, oratorical speech contests, and stage productions.

3. Bombastic

Bombastic style of delivery is mostly done by preachers and persuasive speakers wherein they persuade their audience to believe what they are saying.

A bombastic style is very effective in persuading the audience to do something or act on something that could benefit the community and is geared towards a cause.

Strong provocative words are used and the speaker’s volume is also higher compared to the conversational and poetic.

This style of delivery is best implemented in persuasive speeches, speech contests, churches, political campaigns and old school debates.

Every speaker has his or her own unique style of speech delivery. Know your capabilities and shine in your own chosen style.

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