Written Speech Summary


The first paragraph

1. Hook: An attention grabber

2. Thesis Statement: General idea

3. Purpose: Goal of the speech

4. Overview: A quick peek of the three main ideas of the speech


The second to the fourth paragraph

Paragraph 2: Main Idea 1

Paragraph 3: Main Idea 2

Paragraph 4: Main Idea 3


The fifth paragraph

  • Reiterate the thesis statement,
  • Quick summary of the main ideas
  • Final memorable statement.

Follow this format and you will have a very well structured speech. The next thing that you need to do is memorize it and get ready for the time of delivery.

Let’s take a look at our example one more time and see how it is written on paper.



An apple a day keeps the doctor away. One of the best ways to become healthy is to eat an apple every day. Although exercise plays a great role in our health, eating an apple every day could supplement the necessary nutrients that our body needs to restore its full potential to become healthy. Allow me to explain how an apple could prevent cancer and why it is excellent at dental care and prevents heart diseases.

Apple prevents cancer. According to study, lead researcher Francis Raul, the research director of the French National Institute for Health and Medical Research in Strasbourg, France, apple prevents cancer through the phytonutrient content, including kaempferol and quercetin, chemicals found in apples. Apples show up a specific and irrefutable capacity to diminish lung cancer and direct its spread in case it develops.

In addition, Apple is excellent at dental care. When you eat an apple, it cleans your teeth and your gums. Besides, it decreases the rate of cavities in the teeth. Eating an apple has fiber that cleanses the teeth, while the antibacterial properties of this fruit keep the bacteria and viruses from body infections. Apples also reinforce the discharge of saliva, which reduces the development of bacteria in your mouth.

Moreover, Apple prevents heart diseases. Apples lower the level of cholesterol in the body, making it a solid protective instrument against cardiovascular infections. Truly “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” The antioxidant property of apples decreases the oxidation of fats, called lipid peroxidation, and neutralizes triglycerides and different fats found in the blood vessels that exert dangerous pressure.

The best way to become healthy is to eat an apple every day. Apple prevents cancer, it is excellent at dental care and prevents heart diseases. If you want to live an awesome healthy life, having a wonderful career, remember the beginning of time when there was an apple that gave life to people and saved their lives, you should keep this in your mind and never forget that an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

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