5 Great Tips for Speech Delivery

Now that everything is ready and you are ready to deliver your most awaited speech, let me give you some final tips to keep you motivated.

Tip # 1: WATCH and STUDY

Watch and study other people’s speech videos if you can. Do not rely on what you know. Open up your mind and see how other speakers are doing it and learn from them, but do not imitate them.

Keep your own style and be unique.

Tip # 2: REVIEW

Review this lesson to refresh your mind. When you are in doubt about something or you get information overload, just get back to this lesson and review it.

Refresh your mind with the basic foundations of speech delivery and you will be fine.


Keep practicing and ask someone to criticize you. You can ask some friends or even other people criticize you so you can see which part needs improvement.

Remember, a professional critic is worth a thousand family and friends.

Do not argue with the critics, they are the ones seeing you so learn from what they say even if it hurts.

That is how it works!

Tip # 4: REST and RELAX

Rest and relax before your presentation. Do not go to KTV or drink some alcohol the night before your speech delivery. Instead, sleep early and get enough rest.

Just relax and take it easy.

Tip # 5: BELIEVE

Believe that you can do it and you can do it! Do not entertain any doubts and negative thought especially minutes before you deliver your speech.

Always say to yourself that you can do it and you can do it.

You are now ready to stand in front of people. Go out there and deliver the best and powerful speech that you have prepared and make an impression.

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