4 Types of Speech Delivery

There are different types of speech delivery done on the stage by different speakers. Different personality requires different types of delivery for maximum effectiveness and result.

When we say the type of delivery, it is the way your delivery is categorized by how you speak it out to the audience.

Here are the four common types of speech delivery.

1. Reading from a manuscript

This type of delivery is one of the most common ways to deliver a speech by politicians using some teleprompter and other lecturers reading their presentation in front of an audience.

Just read your speech in front and nothing more.

2. Memorized

This type of delivery is mostly done by students joining speech competitions.

All you need to do is to memorize your speech ahead of time and deliver it in front of an audience. It does not require critical thinking.

Just like that!

3. Impromptu

This type of delivery is an unplanned speech. In the case of a speech competition, the contestants have a very limited amount of time to get their ideas organized and then asked to deliver it in front of an audience.

The impromptu speech also measures how good you are at discussing something without even preparing for it or memorizing your lines.

It just comes naturally from the bottom of your heart and mind.

Critical thinking is necessary!

4. Extemporaneous

Extemporaneous delivery is the most preferred method among many public speakers because it is a middle ground between a manuscript speech and a memorized speech.

An extemporaneous speech is delivered using an outline.

The speaker does not read a manuscript word for word, nor does he/she memorize every single word.

In this type of speech delivery, the speaker uses his or her prepared notes or outline as a guide and elaborates it using his or her own words.

Critical thinking is necessary!

No matter what type of speech delivery you want to try, know your capabilities, make it work for you and maximize it for the best result.

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